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 Ears by Dr. Bill


****NOTE: Dr. Bill will not be doing any crops until January 2015. 

At that point, he will resume his surgeries at

 Animals R Us in Flat Rock, NC. 

(828) 693-7387****

Dr. Bill Martin
Cell: (828) 606-4259


I am William M. Martin, DVM, a 1961 University of Georgia graduate, who retired in September 2001 from Small Animal Practice.

I practiced and owned the Brevard Animal Hospital from 1964-1988 and from 1985-2001 the Fletcher Animal Hospital. Along with 40 years plus of practice, I raised & showed Great Danes for about 10 years as Lambs Creek Danes.

Having performed ear trims and corrective ear surgery on various breeds, I have had a lot of owners, breeders, and veterinarians request that I continue to do the surgeries in retirement.

I perform surgeries on an appointment basis only. After December 1st, I will be at Animals R Us in Flat Rock, NC. Phone Number: (828) 693-7387 Fax Number: (828) 693-3685.

I look forward to being of service to the Veterinarians, Breeders, and Pet Owners.


Ears by Dr. Bill

of Greer, NC. Our Vets care for your pet. Quality veterinary care provided by veterinarian William Martin and staff at our beautiful NC office. Providing a wide array of veterinary procedures including Welcome, Ear Taping . All of this available in our convenient veterinarian office in Greer, NC.