Ears by Dr. Bill

Dr. Bill Martin
Cell: (828) 606-4259

Most surgeries are performed at Animals R Us, located at 725 Crest Road, Flat Rock, NC 28731.

Surgeries are performed by appointment only.

Phone Number: (828) 693-7387
Fax Number: (828) 693-3685

I am William M. Martin, DVM, a 1961 University of Georgia graduate, who retired in September 2001 from Small Animal Practice.

I practiced and owned the Brevard Animal Hospital from 1964-1988 and from 1985-2001 the Fletcher Animal Hospital. Along with 40 years plus of practice, I raised & showed Great Danes for about 10 years as Lambs Creek Danes.

Having performed ear trims and corrective ear surgery on various breeds, I have had a lot of owners, breeders, and veterinarians request that I continue to do the surgeries in retirement.

I perform surgeries on an appointment basis only at Animals R Us in Flat Rock, NC.
Phone Number: (828) 693-7387 Fax Number: (828) 693-3685.

I look forward to being of service to the Veterinarians, Breeders, and Pet Owners.

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