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Ear Taping When the Ears Fold Over the Head


You will need gauze squares, Elastikon (available for purchase from your veterinarian) and bandage scissors.



Roll up a few squares of gauze until it is about as thick as your thumb.



Next, roll the gauze up in the Elastikon until it is completely covered. Don’t cut the Elastikon!



Now, reverse the direction of the roll so that the Elastikon is now STICKY SIDE OUT. Wrap it all the way around and cut the Elastikon. 


 EarRoll2.JPG              EarRoll.jpg

Wipe the inside of the ear with alcohol, and let dry.  That will remove any dirt or oil.  Insert the roll here, at the base of the ear, where the dimple seems to be.  Make sure it sticks well.  This will ‘prop the ear up’.


 Bandage_005.jpg              Ear Wrap.jpg

Now, wrap a piece of Elastikon around the base of the ear, covering the roll (‘sticky to sticky’).  Leave this on for 2 weeks, and then remove.  Let the ears air out for a few days, then repeat.



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